Call to Tour Operators

Text directed to Tour Operators:

In the selfie generation where the authentic experience is the most that money can buy, our Discovery Tours aim to create a new form of tourism experience that is both priceless and addictive by forming real and sustained bonds between tourists and the local people in tourism destinations.

In Summers 2018 and 2019 we will be running prototypes of our Discovery Tours in Senegal and Mallorca. A rich consortium of partners on the ground and global partners are fusing know-how, learning instruments and unparalleled access to mould the Discovery Tours as recipes for authentic local discovery and enriching personal development as well as catalysts for local, sustainable and regenerative growth.

If you are a tour operator, we also want to partner with you. We want to offer our Discovery Tour to your clients so that we can reach the diversity of socio-economic, cultural, age and leisure preference segments of the tourism market. Likewise, our Discovery Tour will expand and diversify your business offering. Together we can contribute to shaping the tourism sector; stimulating a closer, more meaningful and impactful relationship with destinations everywhere.

Start a conversation with us today by telling us about yourself, and we look forward to speaking!