We have “go ahead” in Senegal!

IMG_0218We are pleased to announce our partnership with REDES (Senegal). We have agreed to launch a new concept of tourism that we call “Active Leisure”. It will be offered in the form of  “Discovery Tours”. We will start to organize them by the mid of 2018. We are very excited about this partnership.

Ousmane Pame, President of REDES, said in a statement, “”We believe that it is possible to reverse the current ecological and socio-economic trends in tourism if the right community dynamics are established. One way to implement those community transformative processes and changes is through a vigorous comprehensive partnership within and between local communities and the tourism sector”.

Alex Plessl, Co-Director of DNA! said, “We are thrilled to be making this first step towards DNA! Discovery Tours and are excited about the prototyping we will be doing in Senegal with our experienced partners on the ground. Most importantly, we feel confident that deep knowledge and local connections of REDES will ensure that DNA! Discovery Tourists experience truly enriching and memorable moments right from the very first tour”. This will help local Communitties of Social “Teampreneurs” all around the world to recognize and honor their local resources, maximize their value by handeling them in a regenerative way and use them in the most efficient and effective manner thanks to the channels that the most advanced technologies of the 21st Century provide to Open Source collaborative networks.

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  1. The DNA/REDES tours in Senegal will take visitors to great villages like Ndem where a future full of hope and promise is carved out by people who truly love one another and care for the earth.

    Ndem ecovillage came into existence in 1985 and is now one of the most thriving ecovillage models in Senegal. It has a growing organic cotton and fabric business. Its products sell well in Dakar, Saint Louis, Mbour and some places in Europe. The village is developing important agroecology programme. It works with 17 surrounding high schools and local and internations NGOS to transform the region into a green haven.

    Ndem is a growing into an international center where different nationalities live together very harmoniously. Mixed marriages are common place in Ndem. The co-founders of Ndem are Serigne Babacar Mbow ( a respected spiritual leader who studied sociology in Paris where he met his French wife Sokhna Aicha. Their children were born in Ndem and grafully rooted in the cuture of the region and open to the whole world.
    Ndem started almost from scratch, with no financial support from the government or any other institution. It is now so successful that the regious leader in the region have asked the founders of Ndem to support the transition of a nearby spiritual village Mbacke Kadior.

    Ndem is one of REDES communities. All these communities have special gifts to offer and are looking forward to welcoming you and co-creating with you a better world for all ! Be part of the solution !

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