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Mallorca Team Academy Island School

“If you really want to see the future of management education, you need to see Team Academy“  Peter Senge September 2019 is a very significant date for Mallorca´s life-enhancing  education and entrepreneurial future. It marks the beginning of a phase in which an array…

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Call to Tour Operators

Text directed to Tour Operators: In the selfie generation where the authentic experience is the most that money can buy, our Discovery Tours aim to create a new form of tourism experience that is both priceless and addictive by forming…

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We have “go ahead” in Senegal!

We are pleased to announce our partnership with REDES (Senegal). We have agreed to launch a new concept of tourism that we call “Active Leisure”. It will be offered in the form of  “Discovery Tours”. We will start to organize them…

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