DNA! Philosophy

DNA! is Social Entrepreneurship for Peace and Development.

Its main objective is to get companies to intensify or introduce into their activity the trilogy “Local, Regenerative and Creative Commons” (LORECC), within the Social Economy.

For this DNA!, through the design and implementation of projects that demand the products and services of these companies, facilitates collaboration between them to cover the entire range of goods and services. In this way they reach a scale of activity and production that consolidates them and allows them to work in a network with communities of the same nature at the international level.

DNA! Mallorca starts as a pilot project of this network of local communities at an international level.

In DNA! Mallorca education and tourism team up to function as the main engines of community development, fostering local growth through entrepreneurial creativity and integration into international networks of regenerative ecosystems. In this platform, technology catalyses global and inclusive opportunities of shared knowledge, allowing the island to become a continuous and dynamic learning space, an “Island School”.

DNA! Mallorca is Education that unleashes attitudes and leadership skills so that young entrepreneurs create new paths of economic development. It is Tourism that promotes a close and synergistic collaboration between small and large producers of local goods and services and creates networks of local communities interacting at the international level.. DNA! is also Technology applied to the natural, social and cultural treasures that Mallorca houses to make wise and sustainable use of them.

DNA! Mallorca works in these four lines:

.- University level and secondary education in Social Entrepreneurship, based on the Team Academy systems, designed and implemented originally in Finland (Tiimakatemia).

.- Collaborative development of social economy skills and practical experiences, based on the POC21 approach (OuiShare, Open State); This is the engine that drives the process of integration within the universe of small local producers and forms the basis of the practical experiences offered to the visitor as a key component of the tourism package that we call “generative leisure”.

.- Development of an open source collaborative platform (engage.re and Ciudad Escuela) specifically adapted to the needs and opportunities of DNA!.

.- Specific collaborative practical initiatives between large and small companies of goods and services. Articulation with the initiative adapted as “Island School”.

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