2. DNA! Philosophy

DNA! is a peace and development entrepreneurial initiative aimed at strengthening and integrating communities through the enhancement of local, regenerative economies, and the development of cohesive collaborative networks. It pilots out of the island of Mallorca, departing from the concept of the economy as the management of a home, and of the local territory as an all-inclusive school.

It constitutes a platform of opportunities, where tourism and education function as main engines of community-building and life-enhancing development, fostering local, integrated growth through entrepreneurial creativity and networking, resulting in the creation of regenerative-minded ecosystems. In this organic platform, technology catalyzes global, inclusive shared-knowledge opportunities, enabling the island to become a potent, dynamic learning space, an island-school, where communities and individuals become increasingly visible and accessible to each other, and to the world.

DNA! is education that triggers a mindset and leadership skills for young entrepreneurs to create new paths of economic development. It is tourism that thrusts a closer and increasingly synergic collaboration between small and big producers of goods and services at destination everywhere. It is Technology, widening and multiplying a proper and sustainable access to those social and cultural treasures that Mallorca and the world shelters.

DNA! Is made up of four starting lines of development:

  • College level and secondary education in business entrepreneurship, based on the Team Academy systems, designed and implemented originally in Finland (Tiimakatemia).
  • Collaborative social economy skills development and hands-on experiences, based on the POC21 approach (Oui Share, Open State); this is the engine that thrusts the integration process within the universe of small local producers and constitutes the basis of hands-on experiences offered to the visitor as a key component of the touristic, active-leisure package.
  • Development of a collaborative, open-source platform (engage.re and Ciudad Escuela ) specifically tailored to the needs and opportunities of the DNA! Initiative.
  • Specific collaborative, hands-on initiatives between big and small businesses of goods and services. Articulation with the initiative adapted as “Isla Escuela”.

DNA! emerges in the island´s economic and ecological scenery as a managing, facilitating, and creative partner of “win-win” options, expanding know-how and access to more change agents. It supports local development become more integrated, creative, and accessible for research, design, and collaboration towards global peace and prosperity. 

We dream of our territory becoming an island school in itself, enabling individuals, communities, and organizations to become visible and accessible to each other, through real experiences that stimulate bonding with each other and with their shared life-supporting environments, in ways that trigger mutually beneficial synergies.

Furthermore, given that Mallorca is a highly touristic territory, visitors expand the learning potential of the island school. By virtue of this highly conducive learning environment, they are brought to experience what we have coined “generative leisure”: collaborative discovery journeys that help bring global and local interests and needs closer together; real, hands-on interactions that invite bonding and open ways to the creation of active and highly diverse networks that thrust life-sustaining actions locally and everywhere.