4. Who we are

MapajpgWho we are

We are a network of social entrepreneurs, educators, business schools, tourism specialists, technology experts and local community leaders, collaborating to both foster entrepreneurial education and to creating tourist experiences that we call Generative Leisure. A catalyst of a global movement to regenerate local ecosystems, in their economic, social, cultural and natural dimensions.

We believe the future of a sustainable planet depends on the thriving of towns and regions that produce their own goods and services, maximizing the use of their own skills and resources, and supporting each other through active global networks of shared knowledge.

Our genetic core is thus made up of three fundamental value-creation strands, the LORECC trilogy: 

  • Local (a genuine development that helps communities thrive),
  • Regenerative (life-enhancing circular economy),
  • Creative Commons (Shared Knowledge networks)  

And, of course, on-site hands-on action (that´s what  DNA! stands for).

What makes tourism such a powerful catalyst of this regenerative mandate?

Tourism is a steady growing industry that comprises a wide spectrum of products and services reaching most of the world.  Its enormous economic, social and cultural impact makes it a very influential catalyst for potential regenerative change.

Unfortunately, its profit-making core identity is to date mostly depredatory, life-depleting and polluting, with leisure being marketed as the freedom to relax and consume.

Millions of people spend millions of idle hours and huge resources every year, with unsustainable consequences. Further grow of such trend is highly undesirable.

Therefore, influencing tourism to be a global regenerative asset has enormous positive consequences for humanity and planet.

Thanks to what we call Generative Leisure, in our Discovery Tours,  tourists explore the world of leisure value-creation, engaging in a wide menu of collaborative change-making actions at multiple destinations worldwide. Discovery Tours are opportunities for fascinating,  intensive learning experiences that build alliances, to regenerate local ecosystems everywhere.

DNA! Discovery Tours offer students, entrepreneurs and any visitor in search of meaningful explorations of ancient wisdom and modern regenerative citizenry, meaningful and active leisure opportunities, as a means to build meaningful bonds, and co-create business and community-building initiatives together with highly qualified local dwellers, at destinations the world over.

If you are looking for a new kind of tourism experience, you have arrived at the right place. We will look forward soon to sharing with you our new Discovery Tours, in Senegal and Mallorca. Contact us now to receive updates!

If you are a tour operator and are interested in offering the DNA! Discovery Tour to your customers, we would be delighted to explore this opportunity with you. Get in touch!

Team Mallorca


RafaGimenezVarias-002superred Rafael Giménez Raurell, Madrid 1962

More than 31 years of professional experience during the ones he has worked as manager of a multinational company, economic trends analyst and adviser for business associations and International Organisations, founder and managing director of various companies, promoter and collaborator in projects of film production, education and socioeconomic development.

In 1991 he resigned his permanent position as a manager in a multinational company and began his career as an independent researcher in the field of economic development.

He has lived and worked in different Spanish regions, the Benelux, Germany and Jordan.

His work has contributed in the achievement of multiple goals concerning dealership network development, sales, joint venture agreements, film project development, kick off of startups, etc.

BS in Economics and Business Administration. Postgraduate courses in Banking and International Trade. Diploma in International Leadership. Diploma in Pedagogical Aptitude.

His objective is to synchronize our cultures with the reality of today and tomorrow.


FotoAlex  Alejandro Sigfrido Plessl   Buenos Aires, 1958

35 years of professional experience in educational, humanitarian and cultural transformation projects using tools as design thinking, systemic vision, positive psychology, visual arts, and music.

Master of Public Health.  BA in Philosophy. Diplomas in French and Positive Education.

His mission is to help people and organizations think about their purpose in a systemic way, making the most of their potential, resources, and context.