3. Mallorca Team Academy Island School

“If you really want to see the future of management education, you need to see Team Academy  Peter Senge

September 2019 is a very significant date for Mallorca´s life-enhancing education and entrepreneurial future. It marks the beginning of a phase in which an array of prestigious academic and business EU partners will condense years of experience into a highly innovative project, where the island of Mallorca is promoted as a unique source of highly diverse learning opportunities, for communities and organizations, integrated through DNA!´s founding trilogy: Local, Regenerative and Creative Commons (LORECC) – based development. 

A university program where there are no teachers, classes, exams or students!

Higher management education and “teampreneurship” come together under the name of “Team Academy Island School”, an offshoot of the Timiiakatemia program, born in Finland more than 25 years ago and successfully implemented in several countries around the world ever since.

The Mallorca TA Island School will offer three main academic two year programs:

  1. Tourism

  2. Sports (part-time)

  3. Management

Each program will introduce a pioneering learning-by-doing-based approach, whereby a new kind of inquiry-driven graduate emerges with a competitive advantage grounded on a solid capacity for self-determination and team-building, creating an optimal learning environment for self-knowledge and the development of very well grounded socio-emotional skills.

The Island School initiative has two complementary, yet autonomous components:

  1. An innovative higher education program that builds 21st-century skills leading to higher post-study program employability

  2. Regular Learning Journeys (rooted in the concept of sensing journey) offering local and international students and professionals alike the opportunity to have hands-on experiences, guided by experienced coaches from a variety of Team Academy hubs across Europe, enabling a culturally and socially-bound exploration of the local business and entrepreneurial landscape, “helping to catalyze new thinking, new concepts, new questions…”

This unique, two-fold process results in a network-building dynamics, enhancing and expanding cohesive Team Academy entrepreneurial communities in Europe and other regions of the world.

To support and promote the launching of the Team Academy Island School in Mallorca, DNA! and its EU partners are setting up a crowdfunding campaign, starting in June 2018. This campaign will benefit many and constitute an opportunity to gain rewards that can be utilized to lower the tuition fees of the two-year academic program..